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Our company secretarial support service is designed to assist industry
professionals and private companies with all post incorporation matters


Quality Company Formations has over ten years’ experience serving the corporate needs of industry professionals and private companies. Based in the heart of London, our expert team is ideally placed to provide a comprehensive range of company secretarial solutions, from the appointments of new directors, to the creation of new share classes, to the ongoing maintenance of statutory registers.

We’ll prepare all the minutes, resolutions, Companies House forms, and ancillary documentation required for each transaction. All documents are delivered unbranded.

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Drafting of Articles of Association and Shareholders' Agreements

Our bespoke drafting service provides you with a set of articles of association, or separate article clauses, tailored to your company’s own requirements.

Anticipate shareholder disputes, protect your investments, or define the owner-manager relations, with our bespoke drafting service.

Share Capital Changes (including sub-division and re-designation, etc.)

We provide a complete suite of share capital restructuring services, including sub-division, consolidation, re-designation, redenomination, bonus issue, and rights issue of shares.

Creation of Multiple Share Classes

Introduce multiple classes of shares into a company to differentiate between groups of shareholders and the rights and control they enjoy.

Reduction of Capital

Our specialist Reduction of Capital Service is a simple and effective way to cancel excess shares using the Solvency Statement procedure.

Company Dissolution and Restoration

Streamline your corporate structure by dissolving entities no longer required, using our quick and easy company dissolution service.

Have a company you need to restore? We can assist with restoration using the court or administrative procedure.

Company Administration (director changes and name changes, etc.)

We can assist you with a wide range of administrative company changes, including share transfers and allotments, name changes, director appointments and resignations, PSC filings, and more.

Apostilled Documents and Certificates

Have your corporate documents apostilled by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with our Apostilled Document Service.

We can also obtain a Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Good Standing from the Registrar quickly with our express service.

Key Contact

Nicholas Campion, Company Secretarial Manager for Quality Company Formations.

Nicholas Campion

Company Secretarial Manager

Tel: 0208 036 4994

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