Privacy Package

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protecting the privacy of your home address.

What's included

£19.49 +VAT Order

Set up a limited company with privacy and peace of mind

Providing a limited company, with the privacy offered by a prestigious registered office and directors service address in Covent Garden, London.

Please see our guide for further information on company address services and where they must be displayed.

This package also includes the filing of the first confirmation statement, providing peace of mind that you will not miss this important filing deadline.

Please note:

The address services included in this package are free for 12 months only. You can renew the registered office and service address on an annual basis for £39.00 plus VAT and £26.00 plus VAT, respectively.

The filing for the confirmation statement service does not include the Companies House filing fee of £13.00.

How much will you save with the Privacy Package?

The items included in our Privacy Package would cost £133.99 plus VAT if purchased individually, so you will save a total of £114.50.

Privacy Package - £19.49 +VAT Order

Package Features

  • Limited Company Formation Online
  • Free Business Bank Account (Optional)
  • Free Pre-Submission Review
  • Free Online Portal to Manage your Company
  • Free .com or Domain Name
  • Digital Certificate of Incorporation
  • Digital Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Digital Share Certificate(s)
  • Digital Company Registers with First Entries
  • Filing of the First Confirmation Statement
  • Registered Office Address, London WC2
  • 1 x Service Address, London WC2

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose this package?

You would like to form a limited company and would prefer not to display your home address on the public register at Companies House - thereby retaining privacy for you and your family.

The Privacy Package provides the two addresses required to form a company - the registered office address and the service address, sometimes called the 'directors' service address.' Both addresses are publicly available on the company register at Companies House.

What is a registered office address?

The registered office is the official address of a UK limited company or LLP. It is used by government agencies, such as Companies House and HMRC, as the contact address for the delivery of official communications, documents, reminders and notices. Every UK registered company must always have a registered office in the UK.

The registered office address is publicly available on the company register at Companies House and it must also be displayed on a company's website and business stationery. Many business owners choose not to use their residential address for this purpose.

What is a service address?

A service address is the official address of a UK company director, PSC (person with significant control), company secretary and LLP member, and is used to receive official mail from Companies House, HMRC, and other government agencies, addressed to those individuals.

The service address is displayed on the public register at Companies House and is one of the required addresses for the purpose of registering a limited company.

Are there any mail forwarding charges?

There are no mail forwarding charges applicable to our registered office and service address services. Mail is forwarded free of charge by either scan and email (the default delivery method) or Royal Mail post.

Do I need to supply ID?

All company formation agents have a legal obligation to check Proof of ID and Address; however, most customers do not need to do anything, as we conduct electronic checks using the information supplied in the online company application.

Where we are unable to verify ID via our electronic checks, we will supply an easy to use App which will allow the supply of certified proof ID and Address using a smartphone. This App will usually be supplied free of charge; however, in some instances where checks are expensive, we may have to apply a small charge of £5.00 plus VAT.

What is the free Pre-Submission Review?

QCF provide a free check of your company application before it is sent to Companies House - correcting any omissions and errors.

This review considerably reduces the chances of the company being rejected by Companies House, and also ensures company documents are properly presented, without capitalisation or grammatical problems.

How do I open the business bank account?

As soon as your company is formed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to open your account. Our banking partners, such as Barclays, Mettle, and TSB will ask you to complete a short application form.

You will then receive your account number and sort code within minutes; however, some banks may take up to 5 days. If your bank account includes a business debit card, you should receive this within 3 to 5 days of opening your account.

How do I get my free domain name?

Immediately upon incorporation of your new limited company, we will send you an email which will include your digital company documents and also a voucher code and instructions on how to redeem and set up your free domain name from the '' website.

How much does it cost to renew the address services after the first year?

The Registered Office Service can be renewed annually at a cost of £39.00 plus VAT. The Service Address annual renewal cost is £26.00 plus VAT.

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