Business Address Service

A London WC2 business address with mail forwarding

only £96.00 +VAT per year

Business Address Service

£96.00 + VAT

A professional business address located in the heart of London can provide a number of benefits for your business - boosting your corporate image and extending your company’s presence.

You can use our address as your company’s primary correspondence address, and we will forward all your business mail to an alternative address of your choosing, on a daily basis.

Please note

  1. The cost of forwarding mail to you is not included. Mail forwarding is charged at Royal Mail postal rates plus 15%.
  2. This service is independent from our registered office service, which is for HMRC and Companies House correspondence only, and must be purchased separately.
  3. The purchase of this service entitles you to use our address for one company only. If you wish to use this address for multiple companies, the service should be purchased for each company.

Other ways to buy our Business Address Service:

1. Choose the All Inclusive Package

Quality Company Formations can add our London Business Address Service to their company formation order by choosing the All Inclusive Package during the registration process. This package includes all three of our company address services.

2. Register an account and add it to an existing company

If you have already set up a company in the UK, you can purchase our Business Address Service by creating a free account on our website.

To do so, click 'Create Account', enter your company number and authentication code, import your existing company onto our system and purchase the Business Address Service. You can start using your new business address as soon as you receive a confirmation email and invoice from us.

Benefits of our Business Address Service:

  • Creates a professional, corporate image.
  • Gives the impression of a large, established business.
  • Provides an alternate contact address from your registered office or home address that is exclusively used for corresponding with clients, suppliers, investors and other third parties.
  • Non-statutory general business mail is delivered to our London address and forwarded to an alternate address of your choice, daily.

Your business address will be as follows:

Your Company Name
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

How it works:

  • Select your preferred method of purchase.
  • Choose a start date.
  • Enter your personal and company details.
  • Checkout and pay.
  • Within 2 hours you will receive your order fulfilled email and receipted invoice.
  • We will forward your business mail to you, on a daily basis.

Our business address

Exterior view of our modern offices in Covent Garden, London


Your Company's Name
71–75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
£96.00 per year
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Frequently asked questions

It provides you with a professional business address in the prestigious district of Covent Garden. This type of address is optional, and it will not be displayed on public record like your registered office or service address.

However it is an effective way to create an impressive corporate image and enhance the status of your business. A business address service is primarily used for the receipt and forwarding of general business mail from clients, suppliers, investors, service providers and other third parties with whom you do business.

You can renew this address service online for just £96.00 +VAT per year.

Our Business Address Service can only be used for the receipt and forwarding of non-statutory business correspondence. If you wish to use our London address as a registered office or service address, you can purchase these address services separately for just £39.00 +VAT and £26.00 +VAT per year, respectively.

* Mail forwarding in the UK or overseas is charged at Royal Mail postage rates plus 15%.

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