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In addition to a registered office address, UK government agencies, such as Companies House and HMRC, require a service address to be provided by the following individuals: company officers (directors and secretaries); members of LLPs; subscribers (first shareholders or guarantors who become members during the company registration process); and ‘People with Significant Control’ (PSCs).

This address serves as a statutory correspondence address for the receipt of official government mail. Service address details are placed on public record, so many people avoid using their home address for this purpose.

Please note: The purchase of this service entitles you to use our address for one officer only. If you wish to use this address for multiple officers, the service should be purchased for each officer.

Other ways to buy a Service Address:

1. Add our service address to a company incorporation package

You have the option to add any of our address services to your preferred package when you are completing your online application form on our website. Simply enter the required details, proceed to checkout and submit your application form to Companies House online.

Companies House will register your service address details when your company is incorporated, so there is no need to notify them separately.

2. Register an online account for your existing company

If you have already set up a limited company, you can still buy our service address at any time by creating a free account with us. You can notify Companies House about this address change at the same time.

Click 'Create Account', provide your company registration number (CRN) and authentication code to import your company onto our system, order our service address and proceed to checkout. That's it! Companies House will update your details on the public register within approximately 3 working hours.

The purpose of a service address:

  • UK company law requires all directors, LLP members, subscribers (shareholders or guarantors at the time of company's incorporation), secretaries, and persons with significant control e.g. shareholders who own more than 25% of the company's shares, to provide service address details to Companies House.
  • Companies House places these details on the public register of companies, to provide corporate transparency.
  • A company officer's official government mail will be sent to his/her nominated service address.
  • To protect the privacy of your home.
  • To stop junk mail and unexpected visitors arriving at your home.
  • A professional service address in London will boost your corporate image and credibility.
  • Our professional service address includes the scanning and emailing of all official government mail to you, free of charge.

Your service address will be as follows:

Your Name
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

How it works:

  • Select your preferred method of purchase.
  • Choose a start date.
  • Enter your personal and company details.
  • Checkout and pay.
  • Within 2 hours you will receive your order fulfilled email and receipted invoice.
  • You require informing Companies House of your new service address.
  • We will scan and email your official government mail to you, on a daily basis.

Our service address

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Your Name
71–75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
£26.00 per year
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Frequently asked questions

The official mailing address of a company director, LLP member, secretary, and person of significant control (e.g. shareholders who own more than 25% of the company's shares), where official government mail is delivered. It can be in the UK or overseas, and this information will be available to the general public on the official register of companies.

You may use a residence as your service address; however, if you would prefer to protect the privacy of your home and boost your professional image, you should use a commercial address instead.

Official government mail is classified as mail from all UK government bodies and Court documents.

Yes. It must be renewed every 12 months for £26.00 +VAT.

Quality Company Formations will only accept and forward statutory mail for the named officer with this service. If you would like us to receive and forward statutory company mail or general business mail, you can purchase our Registered Office Service for £39.00 +VAT per year, and our Business Address Service for £96.00 +VAT per year.

You may only use our Service Address to receive statutory mail for the named officer. If you wish to use our London location as a registered office for a company or LLP incorporated in England and Wales, simply purchase our London Registered Office Service for £39.00 +VAT per year.

Please note: All service address mail will be scanned and emailed to you, within one working day, free of charge.

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