General Terms and Conditions

The following list of legally enforceable agreements affect you (the registered customer or guest) and Quality Company Formations Limited. Ensure that you understand all of these Terms and Conditions, as they impact your usage of this Website and any of the material contained within. These Terms and Conditions may also affect your usage and sharing of social media on our Website, and any of’s products, goods and services.

1. Information

  • is a website. It is ran by Quality Formations Limited, trading as Quality Company Formations, which is a registered company in England and Wales listed as number 09010176. The registered office is located at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. The VAT number is GB 188 5291 62.

2. Definitions

  • ‘General Terms and Conditions’ refers to these exact Terms and Conditions.
  • ‘Consumer’ will be defined under section 12 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.
  • ‘Specific Terms and Conditions’ refers to the Specific Terms and Conditions outlined below, which will refer to any products, goods or services purchased from the company through The Specific Terms and Conditions override these General Terms and Conditions in any instance of conflict between the agreements.
  • The use of ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘ourselves’ means Quality Formations Limited.
  • In use of the term ‘web site’, ‘Website’ or ‘Site’, this refers to the website you were browsing when you clicked on a link to both these General and Specific Terms and Conditions, including all secondary pages.

3. Use of the Website

  • When visiting and any secondary web pages that are part of the website, you are in full agreement with these General Terms and Conditions, along with any explicit or supplementary terms and conditions that may be highlighted before you purchase any of our products, goods or services through this Website.
  • Everything within this site and any material presented on our various social media accounts is presented as information only. It does not involve any kind of professional, accounting or legal advice. Consequently, you should seek advice and guidance from a trained professional should you require it, prior to relying on material on the Website and/or before acquiring its available products, goods or services.
  • In using this Website, you are consenting to the information that you post being accessed by the public and online communities, such as comments on our Website and social media pages. Quality Formations Limited will not be held liable and has no power over how this material is obtained or viewed by any third party.

4. Hyper links to third-party services and websites

  • When using our site you may come across links, banners or buttons within the content that forward you to other websites and information from third-party companies or organisations. We do not associate with the operators or authorise them, and you are not obliged to use or purchase any products or services from these third parties. These links are merely provided for your knowledge and convenience.
  • We are not accountable for and are unable to regulate Linked Websites and their content. This includes any link within a Linked Website, or any alterations or updates on a Linked Website. The privacy of your personal data on any Linked Website is therefore not our liability and we will not be held liable for any exposure or usage of such data. We also do not accept accountability for webcasting or any kind of communication derived from a Linked Website.
  • Our Terms and Conditions do not protect you from your personal use of Linked Websites. You are responsible for your own safety online and this includes your use of third-party Linked Websites. Ensure that you read all Terms and Conditions, as well as the privacy policies of any third-party sites.
  • Some specific services accessible through are distributed by third-party sites, and therefore you are consenting to the sharing and usage of your data to these third parties when you purchase or use a product or service that comes from this website name. Such data may be distributed to a third party where we have a professional obligation to send information on the product, service or utility for the site’s visitors and consumers, if it is asked for.

5. Modifications and renewal to the web site

  • These General Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any point, as is your usage of the web site and any acquisitions of products or services that you make. Each time you access the web site or purchase any products or services, it is your own obligation to track any alterations to the General Terms and Conditions or Specific Terms and Conditions, where applicable.
  • It is our intention to modernise and make essential changes to our web site on a regular basis to improve our products and services. Conversely, in doing so we cannot confirm that the material provided will be fully correct, comprehensive and up-to-date at all times. Material may be renewed as and when it is needed, at any point. We do not give any declarations, guarantees or actions of any kind on any of the web site’s features or contents, including, without restriction, the standard, correctness, comprehensiveness and trustworthiness of the data.
  • We endeavour to keep the web site live and accessible to you. However, with its ongoing renewals, modifications and developments, we have the right to alter or remove the web site and any of its features, products, services or prices, either provisionally or on a permanent basis without warning. In acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, you are confirming that we will not be held responsible for any potential modifications or deletions that may occur.

6. Elimination of legal responsibility to you from using this Website

  • This web site is delivered on the foundations of ‘AS IS’ and ‘AS AVAILABLE’ terms without the requirement of a declaration or authorisation, and without any guarantee – whether communicated or inferred – comprising, but not restricted to, non-infringement, the inferred guarantees of acceptable standards, suitability for a specific cause, agreement, security and correctness.
  • The accountability to you that may occur from your usage of the web site is recognised to the maximum extent permitted by law. This includes liability that occurs through breaking of any due obligations, negligence or other.
  • We do not provide a guarantee to the way that the web site functions; interruptions may well occur and online faults may not necessarily be corrected. There is also no guarantee that the web site and its server will be immune to viruses or anything else technologically damaging.
  • Any material from other websites that is linked to or from this site is not our responsibility, and we are not accountable for, nor do we support, these sites; they are only provided as a means of information.
  • No aspect of these General Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in order to eliminate or prevent the accountability of ourselves for death or personal injury as a consequence of our neglect or that of its employees or representatives. For the prevention of uncertainty, this section shall also apply to the Specific Terms and Conditions as follows.

7. Intellectual Property - Trade Marks and Copyright

  • Every feature on this web site is the Intellectual Property (IP) of Quality Formations Limited (unless supplied by a third party). These features include the Website’s copy, pictures, data, designs, models and any other material.
  • Quality Formations Limited own all rights to this web site, whether intellectual or other, and this remains the case without any rights being transferred to the site’s user, visitor or consumer. If required for your own personal usage, you have the permission to read, duplicate or print certain parts of this Website, but you must call or email our company if you want to use the Website’s IP for any other reason.
  • The Site may feature content that is not the property of Quality Company Formations. This content might include templates, copy, visuals, source code and software, and are all copyrighted by the individuals who own such materials.
  • Any other form of IP also belongs to its individual owners, including listed or unlisted trademarks, logos, and registered corporation names.
  • It is prohibited to sell or resell any existing items from the Website. There is an exemption for items within this agreement where the product or service acquired by you has specific and explicit authorisation to be sold or resold, or if it is a required feature of the product or service in question.

8. Force Majeure

  • In incidents or situations beyond our reasonable control, we will not be held accountable if these situations cause interruption or prevent the supply of our goods or services, or any of our other duties. Situations outside of our reasonable control may include, but are not restricted to: acts of God; accidents; strikes; acts of terrorism; fire; lock outs; war; or breakdown of any communications, transmissions or software. If a Force Majeure incident takes place, we are authorised to delay our obligations, if owed, to a reasonable extent.
  • If a Force Majeure incident takes place in conjunction with these terms, we will inform you as soon as possible. Either party has the right to revoke this contract once the Force Majeure incident has lasted for over 14 days. For any services, goods or products paid for beforehand that are yet to be delivered, you will be granted a full reimbursement from the revocation date.

9. Registering your account with us

  • Creating and registering an account with enables you to have increased admission rights and more opportunity to acquire our goods and services. Once you have registered your account, it is your obligation to ensure and sustain the privacy and security of your account and the actions within. You should never reveal personal account information to another person. In registering for an account with us, you are agreeing to inform Quality Company Formations straight away of any security issues.
  • Quality Company Formations will not be held accountable for damages or any losses caused by any misuse or illegal access to your account by another. In agreement of these terms, you will reimburse us for any damages that may occur as a result.

10. Your privacy and Data Protection

  • Your privacy is important to us. We respect all aspects of your personal data and make great efforts to ensure your privacy is protected at all times, and we will not sell or reveal your personal information to any third party without your permission.
  • Whenever you see fit, you have the option to change or update your personal data that is registered on our web site.
  • For the purposes of appropriate data protection regulations, Quality Company Formations will process any personal information you have provided to us in accord with our Privacy Policy which is available on our website or on request from Quality Company Formations. If you have any questions about the way your personal information will be managed by Quality Company Formations or your rights in relation to such information processing, please contact us.
  • If you have provided us with personal information which relates to a third party, you agree to the following; (1) you have in place all the required permissions and notices to allow the lawful transfer of the personal information to us and (2) you have brought to the attention of any such third party the Privacy Policy available on our website or otherwise provided a copy of it to the third party. You agree to provide us with indemnity to any and all legal responsibility, penalties, fines, awards or costs stemming from your non-compliance with these rules.
  • For more information on how we protect your confidentiality and store your personal data, read our comprehensive Privacy Policy.

11. Terminating the use of the Website

  • Quality Company Formations has the right to rescind or discontinue your right to access or utilise the web site at any point, and we do not need to give warning or provide a reason in such circumstances.

12. Waiver

  • No waiver that we make, however implicit or explicit, in implementing any of our rights will give bias to our right to implement these rights at a later date.

13. Miscellaneous

  • Any clause of these General Terms and Conditions that is deemed illegal, invalid or unable to be enforced will be removed from the terms, without affecting the cogency and enforceability of the outstanding clauses.
  • With regards to the procurement of specific products or services through the Site, any potential disagreement between these General Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions will go in favour of the latter.
  • These General Terms and Conditions only apply to those individuals who are directly involved in these clauses, and no rights stated in the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are given to those who are not directly involved to enforce any clause of the contract.
  • Patrons reserve the right to withdraw from an agreement for the supply of any of our goods or services, providing you do so within 14 calendar days from the contract’s start date. You must request for any terminations of agreements in writing, and the right to terminate will not be provided if we have previously begun to fulfil our side of the agreement before you make your request, or in the case of a company formation order, we have submitted the company application to Companies House.

14. Notices

  • This is applicable to both the General Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions when delivering the service of notices, whether explicitly or implicitly.
  • All notices that need to be delivered, whether as part of our contract or in relation to matters within, will be written in English unless otherwise stated.
  • Notices will be sent to the standard business address of the relevant party and sent in one of these ways:
    • Delivered individually
    • Posted first class using a prepaid system (UK addresses only)
    • Posted via prepaid airmail or air carrier, if from or to locations outside of the UK
    • Sent using a fax machine
    • Sent via email
  • On receipt of each, the notice is given.

15. Governing law and Jurisdiction

  • Your access and use of the Site, along with any acquiring of products or services, are overseen in agreement with the acts of England and Wales.
  • Courts of England and Wales will have absolute authority over all disagreements or dissimilarities that may occur in connection with or directly due to your use of or the acquisition of any of its products or services.

Specific Terms and Conditions

The following Specific Terms and Conditions apply to all trading that occurs through the Quality Company Formations Website – – and all secondary pages. Each of these clauses must be carefully reviewed and acknowledged in accordance with the above General Terms and Conditions which relate to any contract between us and your general use of the web site.

1. Definitions

  • Quality Formations Limited may be referred to as 'Quality Formations', ‘Quality Company Formations’, ‘’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘ourselves’. It is the registered company in England and Wales under number 09010176. Our listed office is situated at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. VAT number: GB 188 5291 62.

2. Quality Company Formations company incorporation services

2.1 Limitation of liability

  • When you acquire a company formation from, you give permission for us to register with Companies House, as an accredited individual for and in support of the company, the legal practises necessary to enforce the company formation service you are complying with in this contract. We require evidence of your personal identification in order to proceed with your application for a company formation, and the service will only continue once this has been received.

2.2 Special Limitation of Liability

  • We will not be held accountable or liable for any mistakes or oversights of any form, which may become apparent in the information submitted when using our company formation service. Nor we will be held responsible for any company formation application which is consequently turned down by Companies House.
  • Reimbursements are not granted for acquired products or services from Quality Company Formations if your company formation application is turned down by Companies House.
  • Quality Company Formations will not be held liable in the event that your company is taken off the Register for instances that go beyond our power. We also do not accept liability if we decide to dismiss any services within this agreement due to your company’s failure to meet the legal requests.
  • Selecting a company name that is free to use, original and legalised is your concern and not that of Quality Company Formations. We will not be held liable for any potential issues that may occur with your selection of company name.

2.3 Requirements for the use of our incorporation services

  • In the UK, you must be aged 16 or over in order to legally register a limited company or a limited liability partnership. All directors, company secretaries and LLP members within a company must be aged 16 or over. Those who are under the age of 16 are restricted to shareholding in private companies limited by shares.
  • Persons who are bankrupt or in the process of bankruptcy are forbidden from registering a limited UK company, nor are they permitted to be employed as a director or company secretary. Undischarged bankrupts are limited to holding shares in private companies limited by shares.
  • Those who are presently named on the Disqualified Directors Register are not authorised to register a limited company or limited liability partnership. Unless the appropriate Court grants it, disqualified directors with remaining time on their ban are not authorised to act as a company director, company secretary or LLP member. Again, these disqualified directors are only permitted to hold shares in private companies limited by shares.
  • Quality Company Formations holds no responsibility or liability for any issues that occur when employed individuals fail to meet what is legally necessary in company formation, nor will we be held responsible for any denial of assimilation. Ensuring the approval of all named individuals on the company formation application is solely your responsibility.

2.4 Purchasing our products and services

  • There will be many different options to choose from when you are taken through the ordering process, and it is your duty to comprehend these options fully before you make your purchases. Enquiries regarding your personal order, or further information about any of our products and services should be queried before you confirm your order. Please contact us during our UK business hours to do so. We aim to deal with all enquiries as soon as possible, yet this cannot always be the case. To ensure you are satisfied with your order and that your queries are answered, it is your obligation to acquire more information from our team before you confirm the order.
  • In meeting these Terms and Conditions and subject to our agreement, any order that you make using this Site is understood as being your request to purchase the products or services that we offer. There may be instances where we do not accept an order and do not provide a reason.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information and directions you provide us with are accurate and complete. Our services are only provided on this premise, and that you have given us the authority to legally perform such directions. We accept no liability for the refusal of services due to erroneous and unfinished documents.
  • Any of your documents that contain mistakes or inadvertences are your responsibility and we are not liable for any incorrect or inaccurate documents that are uploaded (or not) to this Site, and consequently turned down by Companies House.
  • Any orders which are placed for the Pre-Submission Review are your concern, and you need to confirm that your documents are accurate, complete and compliant before you submit them.
  • In acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, you are giving us the permission to register with Companies House as an official individual for, and in support of the company, the necessary legal procedures that apply the services you are complying with under this contract for the full duration of the contract. In the instance that these services are void, dismissed, or expired due to failure of payment, you give us permission to register the necessary legal documents to cancel these services.
  • We reserve the right to register the following legal documents: AD01, AD02, AP01, AP02, AP03, AP04, CH01, CH02, SH01, TM01 and TM02. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.
  • We are regulated by the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017 (“MLR 2017”) and by accepting these Terms and Conditions you are granting us authority to carry out a digital ID verification check by CreditSafe or similar organisation for the purposes of checking your identity and address. This online check may be recorded on your credit record, and a record of the search will be retained.
  • Should we not be able to successfully verify your identity and address using our digital ID verification process, we will require you to provide proof of your identity and address in the form of certified copies of the original documents to satisfy our Anti-Money Laundering procedures. Failure to comply with any request for such documents may result in the cancellation of services. No refund shall be given for the cancellation of services resulting from a failure to comply with our Anti-Money Laundering procedures. For further information please read our ID Requirements
  • As a Company Service Provider we have a responsibility to carry out due diligence checks from time to time on our customers (companies, officers and shareholders) to which we provide ongoing services. Should any of our checks result in the discovery of illegal or unethical activities, we reserve the right to terminate services without notice and without refund.
  • We also have an obligation to meet the requirements of 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) and you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire on the business activity or activities of your company and the reason for your business relationship with Quality Company Formations.

2.5 Company formation process

  • Quality Company Formations is an expert online company formation service, using a safe electronic filing system through Companies House. Therefore, when you record your company via Quality Company Formations, you are automatically granting us permission to file your information with Companies House (the UK Registrar of Companies) on your behalf.
  • Once you are compliant with the various regulations required for company formation, the registration will be completed by Companies House between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and should normally take three to six working hours. Please note that sometimes this will take up to 24 hours and, as this is dependent on the project load of Companies House, the length of time it takes to complete company formation is not under our control and will vary.
  • There is no certainty that applications for company formation will be accepted on the same business day of your request. To ensure that your application does get accepted on the same day, it is suggested that you purchase the Guaranteed Same-Day Service. This can be purchased as an extra service Monday to Friday, and this request must be made before 3pm.

3. What you will obtain upon company formation

3.1 Company formation service

  • Companies House will send confirmation once your company has been successfully incorporated. On immediate receipt of this, your new limited company or limited liability partnership will then be open for business.
  • The Certificate of Incorporation, as well as any other formal certification and facilities that you have acquired from Quality Company Formations, will be sent to you.

3.2 Optional secretarial services and products

  • Quality Company Formations provides you with the choice to purchase further goods and services, along with what is outlined above. These added extras vary and will depend on the type of incorporation package you order. The following list of products and services summarises some of the options:
    • Registered office service
    • Business Bank Account
    • Confirmation Statement Preparation and Filing Service
    • Service Address
    • VAT and PAYE Registration
    • Business Address with Mail Forwarding
    • Business telephony services
    • Apostilled document service
    • Full company secretary service
  • Additional purchases, such as the list above, can be made before or after the incorporation process of your company.

4. Services we do not provide with any product

  • The below are not part of our services and cannot be found in any of our product or packages on our Website:
    • Tax guidance
    • Bookkeeping, auditing and any form of accounting or advisory services
    • Filing of annual accounts (not including dormant company accounts)
    • Legal guidance
    • Information concerning the appropriateness or suitability of any company you may acquire from us for your proposed purposes
    • Advice regarding the suitability or adequacy of any company you may purchase from us for your intended purposes.
    • Any services not explicitly listed above
  • Prior to registering a company with Quality Company Formations, we advise that you seek professional and autonomous advice before you make any purchase.

5. Conditions of our company address services

  • By purchasing a Registered Office and/or Service Address from us, you agree to opt-in to our Digital Mailroom Service, where all official government mail from government agencies listed below will be received at our address, securely opened and scanned by our mail handling equipment and forwarded to you by email (with the exception of cheques from official government bodies, which will be sent to your forwarding address by post). A digital copy of your mail will be available for you to view and download, in your Quality Company Formations customer account area on our website. Original copies of said mail will be securely held for 7 days, during which time, you will be able to ask for them to be sent to you by Royal Mail post. After the expiry of 7 days, unclaimed mail will be securely destroyed. Official government mail from the following government agencies are covered by these services: Companies House, HMRC, Government Gateway, Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), Office for National Statistics, Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and Court documents.
  • Any Registered Office or Service Address that you acquire from Quality Company Formations whereby you have not registered for an account needs to be updated through Companies House. It is your responsibility to update any of your address information with Companies House so that it goes on public record.
  • In the instances where you acquire our address services package as part of your company formation, or if you construct an account with us beforehand, we will then modify your Registered Office or Service Address details at Companies House.
  • Any address service that is acquired from Quality Company Formations means that you are granting us permission to handle your mail, where we accept, sort and forward all of the mail for you. We shall not be responsible for any losses incurred due to any act, omission, neglect, or delay by us, or our employees or agents, in the process of receiving, sorting and forwarding mail on your behalf.
  • The onus is not on us for mail that does not get distributed to our offices. Once any received mail has been handed to our courier (Royal Mail) to be forwarded, we are no longer liable.
  • To forward general business mail that is non-statutory, you will need to purchase the Business Address Service package – we will not accept it otherwise.
  • You must renew the fee for your Service Address on time, either on or before its renewal date. Failure to pay for the renewal of a Service Address on time, or provide the required ID, will result in the address being irreversibly changed to your residential address or other address that you have supplied to Quality Company Formations. If you are not resident in the UK, and do not have access to a UK address to use for this purpose, we will request the removal of our address from the public record at Companies House via form RP07. This change of address goes on public record and will be registered at Companies House.
  • You must renew payment for your Registered Office Address on time, either on or before its renewal date. Failure to pay for the renewal of a Registered Office Address on time, or provide the required ID, will result in the address being irreversibly changed to your residential address or other address that you have supplied to Quality Company Formations. If you are not resident in the UK, and do not have access to a UK address to use for this purpose, we will request the removal of our address from the public record at Companies House via form RP07. This change of address goes on public record and will be registered at Companies House.
  • In the event that we believe you have tarnished or caused a substantial threat to our business or reputation, we have the right to revoke any address service immediately. We will remove our address from public record at Companies House, whereby it will change to your domestic or otherwise provided address. This change of address goes on public record and will be registered at Companies House.
  • An address service is for the use of one company only. If you require using our address services for more than one company, you must purchase a separate service for each company.
  • After purchase of our Business Address Service, you will be provided with a delivery method option by email. You may choose from our scan and email delivery option or our mail forwarding by post delivery option. If you do not make a choice, your mail forwarding option will be set to mail forwarding by post by default.
  • Regarding our Business Address Service, a maximum of one trading name can be used per address service, however, this name cannot be a trading name for another limited company, neither can it be another limited company name. Mail will only be forwarded for trading names where prior confirmation has been received by the customer from ourselves. Any mail for trading names whereby customers have not received prior confirmation will be returned to sender on the day we receive it.
  • We provide a parcel handling service. A parcel is defined by Royal Mail as an item weighing over 750 grams; or has dimensions larger than 353mm x 250mm in size. However, we will not handle or accept any item larger than 500mm x 500 in dimension, or which weighs more than 5 kilograms. This is enforced because we do not have the ability to store large items due to spatial constrictions.
  • Mail returned to our offices which has been sent to the customer’s forwarding address will go through the following process: The customer will be contacted to confirm the forwarding address. A free scan and email will be offered to all customers who have had returned mail. However, should the customer wish for their mail to be sent to them by post once again, a charge of Royal Mail postal rates + 15% will be applied. Only in an instance where we conclude we have made an error in the forwarding of a customer’s mail, will mail be forwarded by post free of charge.
  • Regarding our Digital Business Address service, any item of mail containing an item larger than A4 size, or any mail containing a bank card, cheque or other item of value, will be forwarded to you by post. Royal Mail postal rates plus 15% handling fee are charged for mail forwarding.
  • With regards to our Digital Business Address Service, original copies of your mail will be stored securely for 7 calendar days. During this period, you will be able to request these original copies are forwarded to you. All mail forwarded by request will incur a charge of Royal Mail postal rates plus 15%. Once 7 calendar days have passed, any original copies of mail which have been unclaimed will be destroyed securely.
  • If we forward mail to you by courier, we will require taking payment in advance. A receipted invoice will be raised and forwarded to you immediately after payment is taken. The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions means you are granting us authority to take payment using your payment card details stored on our system. In the event the cost to forward an item by courier is substantial, we may contact you to seek your approval before processing the item. Please note: Our 15% handling fee also applies to courier deliveries.
  • With regards forwarding parcels, packets, letters by Royal Mail Special Delivery, International Signed For, International Tracked, and International Tracked & Signed, we may require taking payment in advance. A receipted invoice will be raised and forwarded to you immediately after payment is taken. The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions means you are granting us authority to take payment using your payment card details stored on our system.
  • In the event we are unable to deliver an item of mail or where advance payment is required and we are unable to take advance payment, we will contact you by email, telephone or post and request your assistance. If we do not receive a response within 30 days we reserve the right to return the item to sender or dispose of it, as appropriate.

6. Full Company Secretary Service

  • The services provided annually shall consist of the following:
    • Appointment of QCF Secretaries Limited (12298613) as secretary of your company.
    • Maintenance of your company’s statutory registers (Register of Members, Register of Directors, Register of Directors Usual Residential Address, Register of Secretaries, Register of People with Significant Control, and Register of Charges).
    • Completion of the company secretarial documentation and Companies House filings for up to three transactions per calendar year. The transactions this includes are:
      • Change of Registered Office address
      • Change of Accounting Reference Date
      • Change of Company Name
      • Director Appointment or Resignation
      • Secretary Appointment or Resignation
      • Transfer of Shares (1 – 2 Shareholders)
      • Issue of Shares (1 – 2 Shareholders)
  • We will continue providing the services for a period of 12 months and it will be renewed automatically (unless you choose not to renew the service) at the same price you purchased the original service. A notice of renewal email will be sent to you prior to the renewal date. Where services are not renewed (or otherwise terminated) we will issue a letter of disengagement, a final copy of your statutory registers and we will resign QCF Secretaries Limited from your company.
  • This service does not negate the statutory obligations of the directors of your company under the Companies Act 2006. It remains the responsibility of the directors of your company to ensure that all statutory registers are a true and accurate representation of your company’s position.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that we are informed of all transactions or changes that occur to your company, and that all required information pertaining to said transactions or changes, that occur to your company that necessitate the statutory registers to be amended.
  • If we do not receive the required information, or are not told of changes that have occurred to your company, we will not be responsible for any delay caused as a result. If additional work is required to correct or compensate for a mistake made as a result of incomplete or otherwise incorrect information or action on your part, we may charge you a reasonable additional sum for that work.
  • If we require any information or action from you in order to provide our services, we will inform you of this as soon as is reasonably possible.
  • We reserve the right to resign QCF Secretaries Limited as an officer of your company, and to withdraw or suspend our services without disclosing our reason for doing so.

7. Value of goods and services

  • On our Website, all prices of products and services are listed beneath the respective item that you choose. Each listed price excludes VAT at the principal rate on the purchase date, unless specified.
  • Your shopping cart will show the total purchase price including VAT (where applicable before you checkout.
  • Quality Company Formations has the right to change or modify prices displayed on the Site, of any products and services without warning or reason. We endeavour to display accurate prices at all times, but where significant faults are made, the operation will be cancelled and you will be provided with a full reimbursement.
  • Quality Company Formations reserves the right to change, update or remove products and services displayed on the Site, without warning or reason.
  • We will not be held responsible to individuals due to the removal or alteration any products that we offer, or for refusing or failing to process an order.

8. Continuous payment authorisation

  • In accordance of these Terms and Conditions, you agree to continued payment authorisation on the card that was previously registered to purchase the initial services (or other, if applicable). Continued payment will be received for:
    • Renewable services – outstanding payments will be issued on the initial debit or credit card that was used to acquire the service (or on a different card, if provided on the expiration date. Customers will be told in advance of this date before payment is taken, and you reserve the right to terminate this renewal service.
    • Mail forwarding services – the stamp price and control costs will be issued on the initial debit or credit card used to acquire the service (or on a different card, if provided). However, this will occur automatically each month.
  • The overall cost of your items will comprise the price of the product or service, along with the required VAT (relevant on purchase date).

9. Fraud prevention

  • In accepting these Terms and Conditions, you are permitting us to work with CreditSafe or similar organisation to undergo necessary checks in order to verify your identity and address. Throughout this process, CreditSafe or similar organisation could compare your personal details with data from public or other databases that they are able to scan. In the future, they may use your information to help other companies prevent fraud. All data searches will be tracked and recorded.

10. Bank Account referral service

  • In applying for a bank account through our referral service, you are giving permission for us to send your details to the bank. Also, you are confirming that the bank will contact you directly in order for the bank account request to be processed.
  • On requesting a bank account via our referral service in support of a third-party application for a company formation, you are confirming that the third party is in agreement. The third party must acknowledge and accept that their details will be sent to the bank on their behalf, and that they will be contacted directly in order for the bank account request to be processed.
  • All business bank accounts are opened and managed by the respective banks. The various details of the accounts are set out by the banks and dependent on the terms and conditions that exist at the time of the account opening.
  • Quality Company Formations cannot confirm whether a bank account request will be granted, as all business bank accounts are contingent on the status of the individual applicant.


  • Any domain name with that has a 1-year registration with will cost £0.00 when the voucher code is used.
  • The initial billing period will benefit from discounted prices, but these will not apply to renewal purchases.
  • This offer needs to be used within 30 days. It is not valid when used alongside any other offers.
  • Namesco Limited has the right to remove this offer at any time. The offer can only be used once by a customer – read the standard terms and conditions for more information.

12. Amazon Business

  • Promotional code will be received via email 3 days post-verification.
  • One redemption per business account only.
  • The promotional code can only be used up to a maximum of £50.00 saving.
  • The offer only applies to items sold by Amazon at the website The offer does not apply to purchases made from Amazon's Warehouse Deals or from third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace, even if "fulfilled by Amazon" or "Prime Eligible".
  • The offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice.
  • Valid only for new Amazon Business customers via this partner channel.
  • Promotional codes and promotional rewards have no cash redemption value and are not transferable or assignable.
  • If you place an order using a promotional reward or code and then return that order, the promotional reward cannot be refunded or re-used.
  • Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold.
  • Amazon's Conditions of Use & Sale apply.

13. Trustpilot

  • In order to retain clarity and build the trust between a customer and a business, Trustpilot collects consumer evaluations and helps Quality Company Formations better understand its customers’ needs. By voicing your opinion and adding to the hub of customer evaluations, you can help develop a more satisfied online shopping community and improve peoples’ experiences.
  • Each of our patrons has the opportunity to evaluate their experience on our Site through the use of Trustpilot. In doing so, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions where your personal data i.e. name, email address and order number will be sent to Trustpilot. This is only temporary so that you can receive an invite to write the review. Trustpilot will not store or share this data.

14. Refund policy

14.1 Company formation orders

  • You will be reimbursed if you change your mind about your purchase; however, refunds will only be given to customers who request a refund in writing, before the company application has been submitted to Companies House, provided the request is received within 14 days of the date of purchase.
  • As soon as your company application has been sent to Companies House, we cannot grant you with a refund for the company formation package or any of its aspects. This no refund rule also applies in the event that your application is turned down.

14.2 Address service orders

  • The following policies outline what happens when you change your mind after purchasing one (or more company address service), whether it be a Registered Office, Service Address, or Business Address/Mail Forwarding Service:
    • If your order has not yet been processed and your address service has not been established, full reimbursements will be given, so long as the cancellation notice is within 14 calendar days from date of purchase. Any requests for reimbursements after the 14-day calendar days’ notice period will not be granted.
    • If your purchase has in fact been administered and your address service has been established, you will be refunded but with a deduction of a £10.00 plus VAT administration fee for each address service, and ensuring that you have given a cancellation notice of 14 calendar days from the purchase date. Administration charges cover the cost of order processing, service set up and any other costs. Any requests for reimbursements after the 14 calendar days’ notice period will not be granted.
    • The customer or ourselves has the right to terminate an address service by providing, in writing, a full calendar months’ notice.

14.3 Other secretarial services and products

  • If you change your mind about acquiring a supplementary product or service, you will be granted a complete reimbursement, so long as we have not processed the order and that the cancellation notice is given within 14 calendar days from the purchase date. No reimbursement will be provided if the notice exceeds this period, or if we have already started working on the order.
  • No refund will be provided if we require cancelling an additional product or service (e.g. business telephone service) due to a failure to supply proof of ID and proof of address as required by our terms and conditions, to ensure we fulfil our obligations regarding the current Anti-Money Laundering regulations and Know Your Customer requirements.