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How can I sell my business?


Good things can’t last forever. That’s why most business owners should strive to develop an exit strategy and put it in place if they decide to retire or wind down their limited company. But if you’d like to step back from your company – or even leave the business to focus on a new opportunity – one option worth exploring is selling your business on to somebody else. After all, if you’re ready to...

My company has failed: how do I bounce back?


Nobody goes into business expecting to fail. Entrepreneurs often devote huge chunks of their lives attempting to get companies off the ground – but the truth is, sometimes the odds are just not in your favour. Unforeseen competition, complications and changing personal circumstances can dismantle even the most promising of start-ups. If that’s a situation you’re now finding your business in...

How can I generate passive income for my company?


As a small business owner, you’ll spend a lot of your waking hours worrying about cash flow. Meeting your debt obligations, paying off costly overheads and simultaneously attempting to reinvest and develop your business are all crucial to your future success – and so if sales begin to falter, you could run into a bit of trouble. According to researchers at CB Insights, 29% of start-ups fail...

Should your company open a brick-and-mortar location?


As a new business owner, you’ll have a lot of difficult decisions to make. From staffing and product lines to marketing and accounting, the directions you choose to take your company in could drastically alter the ways in which it evolves over time. But in this day and age, one of the most difficult decisions new business owners face is whether to open a brick-and-mortar location. If the...

What is Fintech and how can it help my company?


Industries are constantly evolving – and thanks to rapid technological developments, plenty of companies have been left struggling to keep up with that rate of change. That’s why so many entrepreneurs have started to take an interest in “Fintech” and its implications for small businesses. People want transactions to be quicker, and they want more convenient payment options. On the flipside...