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How can I turn my freelance work into a small business?


Freelance work is a fantastic way to supplement your income – and over the course of the last decade, more and more UK professionals have started to ditch the typical nine-to-five job in order to start exploring the lucrative benefits that go hand-in-hand with freelancing. According to the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics, just under two million workers are now operating as...

Why should my company go paperless?


Over the course of the last decade, corporate sustainability has swept across the UK business scene like a colossal tidal wave. Huge brands are bending over backwards to prove to customers they’re shopping from businesses that care about the environment, the UK Government has introduced new policies to bully business owners into cutting down on waste and companies of all shapes and sizes are...

Introducing our Digital Mailroom


If you have a registered office and/or service address with Quality Company Formations, then we’ve got big news about exciting improvements we’re making to the way we handle your government mail. On 24 April 2018, Quality Company Formations will be introducing a brand-new Digital Mailroom – and we think you’re going to love it.   How does our new Digital Mailroom work? Above all else, our...

How can I sell my business?


Good things can’t last forever. That’s why most business owners should strive to develop an exit strategy and put it in place if they decide to retire or wind down their limited company. But if you’d like to step back from your company – or even leave the business to focus on a new opportunity – one option worth exploring is selling your business on to somebody else. After all, if you’re ready to...

My company has failed: how do I bounce back?


Nobody goes into business expecting to fail. Entrepreneurs often devote huge chunks of their lives attempting to get companies off the ground – but the truth is, sometimes the odds are just not in your favour. Unforeseen competition, complications and changing personal circumstances can dismantle even the most promising of start-ups. If that’s a situation you’re now finding your business in...